University of Liège

The University of Liège (Université de Liège or ULiège), is a major public university of the French Community of Belgium based in Liège, Wallonia.  Founded in 1817, the University of Liège gathers more than 25.000 students, 3.500 teachers and researchers, and proposes one of the most diversified educational offer in the French speaking part of Belgium (40 bachelors degrees, 207 masters degrees, PhDs, numerous in-house training courses).

The University of Liège collaborates with more than 1.000 institutions world-wide and is integrated in vast international academic and scientific networks. ULiège is granted by the European Commission HR Research Strategy label (HRS4R – quality of human resources management for foreign doctoral and post-doc researchers at ULiège). Numerous ULiège training courses have international quality certifications and accreditations (EUR-ACE, ISO 9001, Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, etc.)

The University of Liège is a world leader in Open Access scientific publications. Its research centres such as GIGA (biotechnologies, genomics), CSL (space), CIP (protein engineering), CRC (cyclotron, radiopharmaceuticals, neurosciences), FARAH (veterinary medicine) or TERRA (agro-bio technologies, food) enjoy a solid international reputation. It is also a major economic player, representing 5.500 direct jobs (and more than 10.000 with the University Hospital Center – CHU de Liège).




Experienced Research Director F.R.S-FNRS working in ULiège university with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education level and with industry. Skilled in Materials Science, Finite Element Analysis, Constitutive multi-scale models and Fracture Mechanics. Strong professional background with an Engineer's degree and PhD in Applied Science focused on metallic materials, damage and forming processes, numerus projects with metallurgist and mechanic engineers from University of Liège, Belgium and foreign partners.

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