OCAS (OnderzoeksCentrum voor de Aanwending van Staal) is an advanced, market-oriented research centre providing steel and metal-based products, services and solutions, to metal processing companies worldwide.

OCAS anticipates its customer’s needs by developing alloys and coatings, by producing and testing samples and co-develop steel applications.  OCAS is equipped with state-of-the-art R&D tools and facilities in its laboratories in Zelzate and Zwijnaarde (Belgium). The research centre valorizes know-how by product and solution development.

OCAS has a highly qualified team of over 150 researchers and engineers with an international orientation.


Kurt Lejaeghere

research engineer at OCAS NV

Kurt Lejaeghere is a research engineer at OCAS NV. He has a background in engineering physics and obtained his PhD on atomic-scale materials modelling at Ghent University. His work for OCAS revolves around topics involving digitalisation for the research and development of steel materials and solutions, including data science, data management, and machine learning.

Koenraad Theuwissen

research engineer at OCAS NV

Koenraad Theuwissen is a research engineer at OCAS NV. He has a background in materials science and a PhD in metallurgy from the University of Toulouse. At OCAS, he is responsible for the development of hot rolled ultra-high strength steels for industry applications. He will participate in the design and processing of materials for the project and in the understanding of process-structure-property links.

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