IMDEA Materials Institute

The IMDEA Materials Institute (IMDEA Materials) is a non-profit research institute (with approximately 120 researchers) devoted to carry out research in Materials Science and Engineering in Madrid (Spain). IMDEA Materials is committed to the excellence in research and to foster technology transfer to the industrial sector. IMDEA Materials holds a well-established international reputation in the areas of processing, microstructural analysis, characterization and multiscale modelling of advanced materials for applications in transport, energy and information technology as well as on the exploration of emerging materials and processes for sustainable development. Research activities and technology transfer to industry at IMDEA Materials is carried out within the framework of research projects funded by national or international organizations or directly through contracts with industry.


Ilchat Sabirov

head of IMDEA Materials Physical Simulation research group

Ilchat Sabirov is the head of IMDEA Materials’ Physical Simulation research group dealing with metallurgical processes. He obtained his Ph.D. in Metallurgy from the University of Leoben in 2004. Dr. Sabirov’s current research interests focus on advanced manufacturing of metallic materials (steels, superalloys, light metals, etc), their deformation behaviour and chemistry-process-microstructure-property relationship. He has published over 100 research articles in the area of metallurgy, which have received over 4400 citations.

Estela Izquierdo

Estela Izquierdo

Project Manager at IMDEA Materials Institute

Estela Izquierdo is a Project Manager at IMDEA Materials Institute. She has previously worked in the development and management of multi-stakeholder groups and European associations for the plastics industry. She has first-hand knowledge of the function of European Institutions and the different actors involved in EU research funding programmes.

Ignacio Romero

head of IMDEA Materials Computational Solid Mechanics group

Ignacio Romero is Professor of Solid Mechanics at the Industrial Engineering School (ETSII) of the Technical University of Madrid and Senior Researcher at IMDEA Materials Institute, where he leads the Computational Solid Mechanics group. Prof. Romero obtained his Engineering degree from the Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid in 1995, an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1997, and a PhD from the University of California in Berkeley, in 2001.

Christina Schenk

Research Associate at IMDEA Materials

Christina Schenk is a Research Associate at IMDEA Materials. She holds a BSc (2011), MSc (2013), and PhD (2018) in (Applied) Mathematics from Trier University (Trier, Germany). Dr. Schenk's current research interests focus on model and algorithm development for AI-enhanced systems.

Andrew Johnston

Communications Specialist at IMDEA MATERIALS

Andrew Johnston is a Communications Specialist with a background in journalism, and corporate communications. He has a degree in journalism from the University of Canberra in Australia and a master's degree in corporate communications from the Carlos III University in Madrid. His role includes carrying out communicative activities designed to highlight the work of projects such as AID4Greenest in industry publications and among the general public to foster a greater level of awareness of science and research in society.

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