EurA is an international consulting company specialized in innovation and technology. Our consultants support companies, research institutions and public clients of all sizes in enabling technical innovations. We support tomorrow’s market leaders in generating ideas for innovations, developing new products and services, and launching them internationally. Apart from the above-said expertise, we support projects in their sustainability assessment. Our LCA team has more than 15 years of experience and has accompanied a lot of national, but also European projects, e.g., CoPIRIDE (FP7), POLYCAT (FP7), MEASURE (SPIRE), LAWIN (H2020), and SINTBAT (H2020). Currently running H2020 projects where we are leading WPs dealing with sustainability assessment, but also business exploitation and project management are SMART PROTEIN, ECO2LIB, and ZDZW.

EurA clients benefit from the sector and industry experience as well as from the technical knowledge of our highly qualified consultants. As an expert for funding and as a leader in innovation networks, we are committed to high quality innovation consulting for companies, even beyond our own company. Initiated by EurA and in our cooperation, a “guideline for innovation consulting” was created with DIN SPEC 91415. EurA is the ideal strategic partner for business and science, certified, quality-tested and with high standards, which are implemented in our consulting strategy.


Shashank Goyal

Project Manager & LCA consultant at EurA AG

Shashank Goyal has been working as a Project Manager & LCA consultant at EurA AG for more than 4 years and has extensive experience in the quantification of environmental impacts of products and/or processes. He has experience in complementing national and international projects for environmental impact assessment. Before joining EurA AG, he was working as a research associate at the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL e.V.). Shashank Goyal acquired his Master of Science from the Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany in Environmental and Resource Management, spent a semester at the University of Texas, Arlington, USA, and a Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering from India.

Mary Osorio

LCA/LCC Consultant at EURA ag

‘Mary Osorio pursued a Master of Science degree in Environmental and Resource Management from BTU Cottbus, Germany, and is an industrial engineer from the National University of Colombia and a technologist in Finance from Escolme University, Colombia. Throughout her professional career, she worked in different companies and gained extensive experience of more than 15 years in supply chain management. She has a deep interest in waste reduction and process improvement, an area where she accomplished three innovative patents. Since August 2023, she joined EurA AG as an LCA/LCC consultant’.

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