AID4GREENEST industrial partners Reinosa Forgings & Castings (RFC) and OCAS NV have successfully achieved the project’s first milestone in the manufacturing of materials for characterisation.

⁣RFC has successfully manufactured a prototype energy shaft. It was cast, forged and underwent the required heat treatment operations. The shaft has been cut and the first batch of samples was distributed to the project’s various technological partners, who will use them to characterise the material in detail and thus calibrate their forging and hardening simulation models.

Meanwhile, to establish a firm basis for the microstructure-related work in the project, OCAS NV produced several samples of Advanced High Strength Steels. By varying the chemical composition and processing route, 14 different microstructures were generated. The samples were delivered to Ghent University for further microscopic investigations.

This breakthrough concludes the first stage of the process, grouping the casting, forging and preliminary heat treatment operations.⁣

Thanks to AID4GREENEST, funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme, RFC will be able to identify potential steel production failures in advance and in this way, reducing both the production of components that end up being discarded and the environmental impact of steel manufacturing.⁣

In announcing the breakthrough, RFC thanked IMDEA Materials Institute as project coordinators and the other AID4GREENEST industrial, consulting, technological and academic partners for their participation in the project: OCAS NVePotentiaUniversiteit GentUniversity of OuluUniversity of LiègeFraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWMUNE Asociación Española de Normalización and EurA AG.⁣