AID4GREENEST’s Prof. Anne-Marie Habraken from the University of Liège, was recently featured as part of the Metallic Microstructures European Lectures Online (MMELO) series.

Prof. Habraken’s seminar was dedicated to the topic of creep mechanisms in macroscopic and microscopic models.

At high temperatures, creep in metallic materials is unavoidable. Understanding creep mechanisms helps metallurgists to design optimal alloy compositions. Predicting component life is a key input to managing safe maintenance and defining operational cost production lines (such as solar plant parts, heat exchanger, turbine parts loaded at high temperatures, etc.).

Prof. Habraken’s seminar delved into the topic of creep mechanisms active in metallic materials such as Ni-based superalloys and heat resistant steels. Macroscopic constitutive laws used within simulations and quantitative physical standalone and multiscale models was also discussed, while the identification methodology was addressed.

You can find a recording of Prof. Habraken’s lecture, here.

While you can find her complete presentation, here.