AID4GREENEST researcher Michael Sluydts from ePotentia has attended the “Digital-4-Environment” Workshop organized by The European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) workshop on 20 & 21 February 2024 in Bardolino (Garda Lake, Italy).

The conference covered digital and environmental impact, energy efficiency, and clean transition in the steel sector, along with empowering workers’ skills and monitoring circular economy and sustainability.

Michael presented AI4MI online course which serves to bridge the gap between materials researchers and AI. The AID4GREENEST Project will add more content and build a new open data repository for steel data, including microscopy images and data (OM, (B)SE, EBSD), and creep data.

You can find out more about AID4GREENEST at the project’s official website:

AID4GREENEST is funded by the European Union through the grant agreement number 101091912 under the auspices of Horizon Europe Framework Program for the modelling and characterisation of advanced materials.