Several AID4GREENEST (101091912) researchers took part in the latest workshop organised by DiMAT, and facilitated by the German Institute for Standardization.

The workshop proved to be a valuable tool for learning more about the implementation of CHADA and MODA standards, along with incorporating EMMO ontologies, which are of great importance to AID4GREENEST.

Among AID4GREENEST’s objectives is the development of an AI-based online platform for knowledge transfer and the standardisation of characterisation methods and modelling tools within the steel manufacturing industry.

In all the project’s standardisation related tasks, we are especially lucky to be able to count on the expertise of UNE – Asociación Española de Normalización and their AID4GREENEST project team members Javier López-Quiles Pastor and Fernando Utrilla.

AID4GREENEST is also committed to establishing collaborations with other relevant HORIZON Europe projects and EU initiatives, such as DiMAT, D-STANDART Project, CoBRAIN Project, Knowskite-X, AddMorePower Horizon Europe project 101091621, and the MatCHMaker – HorizonEU.

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