AID4GREENEST researcher, Carlos Rojas Ulloa, from the University of Liège, was a participant in the Poster Competition at last week’s European Mechanics of Materials Conference (EMMC19) in Madrid.

Carlos’ poster showcased research focused on the numerical aspects towards the development of a semi-physical viscoplastic model intended for the accurate prediction of the operational life of metallic materials exhibiting complex creep responses attributed to an evolving microstructure.

The resulting model is expected to be applied on a variety of alloys and projects, including AID4Greenest. The other researchers to contribute to the work presented include Fan Chen, Víctor Tuninetti, Amédeo Di Giovanni, Olivier Pensis, Laurent Duchêne and Anne-Marie Habraken.

EMMC19_Madrid was organised by fellow AID4GREENEST partner, IMDEA Materials Institute.